What app let you borrow money instantly?

When financial emergencies arise, the need for immediate access to funds can be crucial. Fortunately, several mobile apps offer quick and convenient solutions for borrowing money instantly. Whether you need cash to cover unexpected expenses, bridge the gap between paychecks, or address urgent financial needs, these apps provide accessible borrowing options with minimal hassle. Here are some popular apps that let you borrow money instantly:

1. Earnin:

Earnin allows users to access their paycheck early by providing an advance on their wages. Users can withdraw up to $100 per day and up to $500 per pay period for free, with the option to tip what they think is fair. To qualify, users must have a regular paycheck deposited into a checking account and meet other eligibility criteria.

2. Dave:

Dave offers interest-free cash advances of up to $100 to help users avoid overdraft fees and cover unexpected expenses. Users can also set up automatic budgeting and expense tracking features to manage their finances more effectively. Dave’s services require a membership fee, but users can access the cash advance feature for free with a qualifying direct deposit.

3. Brigit:

Brigit provides users with cash advances of up to $250 to help them avoid overdraft fees and cover urgent expenses. The app analyzes users’ spending habits and financial data to predict when they may need extra funds and offers advances accordingly. Brigit’s services require a membership fee, but users can access the cash advance feature for free with a qualifying direct deposit.

4. Chime:

Chime offers its users access to their paycheck up to two days early with its Early Direct Deposit feature. Users can receive their wages directly into their Chime Spending Account, providing quick access to funds without waiting for traditional banking processing times. Chime also offers a variety of other banking services and features to help users manage their money more effectively.

5. MoneyLion:

MoneyLion provides users with access to emergency loans of up to $250 with its Instacash feature. Users can receive instant funding directly into their MoneyLion Checking Account, allowing them to cover expenses without waiting for their next paycheck. MoneyLion also offers other financial products and services, including banking, investing, and credit-building tools.

6. Branch:

Branch offers users access to instant cash advances of up to $500 to cover unexpected expenses or bridge the gap between paychecks. Users can receive funds directly into their bank account within minutes, with no credit check required. Branch also provides budgeting and financial management tools to help users improve their financial health over time.


These mobile apps offer convenient solutions for individuals in need of immediate access to funds. However, it’s essential to carefully review the terms, fees, and eligibility requirements associated with each app before using them to borrow money. Additionally, users should borrow responsibly and only take out loans when necessary to avoid falling into debt traps or financial difficulties.